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The Strategic Plan - Executive Summary

The Strategic Plan outlines detailed plans for accomplishing the goals set out  by the Friends of The Massasauga Park during the period 2015 - 2010. Achieving these goals will require dedicated volunteers and partners who share the vision, cooperation and support from Parks Ontario and the ongoing commitment and energy from the Board of The Friends of The Massasauga Park.

To accomplish this mission, the Strategic Plan has identified five Goal

1. Develop Board Capacity and Board Membership

As a young organization, creating and sustaining strong leadership is integral to the growth and activity of the organization.

2. Establish effective Communications and Marketing

Strength in marketing and communications is essential for FOMP to identify and engage new Friends to support the vision and mission of the organization.

3. Pursue Education and Research opportunities

Programs, events and research are planned to enhance awareness of the natural and cultural assets of the Park.

4. Implement a Trails and Signage plan

Along with annual maintenance of trails,steps will be taken to identify key points of interest and develop interactive features for interpretation and navigation on trails.  The possibility of developing new trails has been identified.

5. Site Stabilization

Working with Park officials, the stabilization of the main buildings at the Calhoun Lodge site is essential to preserving the cultural heritage of the Park.  Consultation with appropriate experts will be essential to accomplishing this goal.

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