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We treasure and need friends for diverse reasons.  Some are central to our health and well-being.  Others feed and nourish us.  Some help us grow.  Others keep us grounded.

Parks need friends too.  Friends who will strive to understand the wilderness.  Friends who will seek to ensure the preservation of accessible wilderness for generations to come. So it is with the Friends of The Massasauga Park.

You can be a Friend of The Massasauga by:

  • Joining a group of friendly volunteers to clear and assist in the maintenance of designated wilderness trails
  • Helping with the maintenance and protection of the historical Calhoun Lodge buildings
  • Working with others to create educational materials which enhance the public's understanding of The Park and its environs
  • Participating in Environment Day, hosted by the Friends
  • Working to promote sustainable use of The Park through the creation and circulation of instructive materials
  • Attending Friends events, such as educational walks, workshops and Music in The Massasauga
  • Purchasing Friends of The Massasauga clothing and maps
  • Joining Friends, either as an individual or a family
  • Donating to Friends, thus supporting the costs of ongoing programs

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