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Moose Project:

In early 2016 the Friends had the opportunity to restore a life-size moose to use as an outdoor installation to promote a greater understanding to Park visitors of this mammal, which is at the southern limit of its range in Ontario by its presence in the Massasauga. 

The restoration was completed between March and May 2016 by Anne Schurr, an artist in Guelph, and the moose has now been returned to the Park. The restored moose located at Pete's Place Park entrance is in a natural environment. An interpretive plaque will be posted beside it outlining interesting facts about the Ontario moose and its habitat. 

The moose unveiling took place on August 2, 2016 at Pete's Place with 15 people in attendance.  The ceremonial tug of the tarp was followed by admiration of the moose in its new "home" and lots of conversation - and food - especially chocolate moose droppings!

Our new Moose Mascot has weathered one winter already and is enjoyed by campers and visitors to the Park!!

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